Primary Gateway

'' is the main access point to a unique Help service.

It is the Legacy 'brain-child' of Derek E Whittall (DW/DEW).

Its commitment is to help to enhance improvements in all Wellbeing.

This is feasible by groundbreaking advancements in issue resolution.

Progress at this level is by the application of exceptional insights.

All such understandings are impartial and enduring.

Within age/gender limitations, they also apply to everyone.

Within these limits, 'Anyone can contribute, and everyone can benefit'.

Contributions are possible across the spectrum of Life-improving options.

They also range across all forms of legitimate support of the service.

Possible benefits include earnings for registered supporters, and/or benign Causes.

Additionally, all output is designed to reduce Life-harming issues.

This 'To Explore' listing points to an expanding matrix of related help services.

Each focuses on contributions to differing areas of issue-resolution.

In that '' is itself evolving, it lists below a brief selection of start-point facilities.

Whilst developing, further resources are sought for a public Launch.

In the interim, progress continues across all development.


Initial Links:

For the assured minimum of next-phase funding:

To ensure public-Launch funding: '2 WOW'

For the provision of wider resources:

To financially 'boost' the project: 'H4a Boost'

To introduce new levels of sustainability of Life.

A primary theme: 'To Sustain'

To introduce the founder:

The central gateway to the founder facilities.

The next round of additions will point to assisting:

Young people.




The elderly.

The infirm.

Resolution of Life-harming issues.

Background support and explanations.

A unique set of circumstances

The originator.

A unique set of proven skills


Scientifically-incontrovertible output


Global sustainability

Ultimate ideals.

Benevolence potentials

Charitable arrangements.

Commercial potentials

Commercial sustainability.

Sustainable investments

Investment potentials.

Viable earnings at all levels

Earning potentials.

Contributing toward global peace

Peace Mission.

Sustaining a viable project


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